Centrus Energy Signs Contracts Valued At $70 Million

Centrus Energy Corp. announced Tuesday that it has signed several new sales contracts in the last three months to supply its utility customers with low-enriched uranium fuel. The total value of the contracts is an estimated $70 million, with deliveries through 2025. 

uraniumCentrus’ utility customers will use the fuel to generate clean, affordable, and reliable electricity, the company noted.

Centrus Energy Corp. is a supplier of enriched uranium fuel for commercial nuclear power plants in the United States and around the world.

Centrus President and Chief Executive Officer Daniel Poneman described today's market conditions for nuclear fuel as "challenging." Nonetheless, the company continues to enter into new contracts for long-term supplies of uranium for the global nuclear reactor fleet. "Centrus is well-positioned as the world’s most diversified supplier of enriched uranium fuel to continue securing new business and extending our existing relationships with customers as open demand for fuel emerges," Poneman said.

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