Rosatom Director General Outlines Vision For Future

Alexey Likhachev, the head of Russian nuclear power giant Rosatom outlined the company's long range plans at the International Atomic Energy Agency conference in Vienna Wednesday, calling “energy poverty and worldwide inequality,” among the most daunting challenges facing the industry today.

Alexey LikhachevLikhachev also called on the nuclear power industry to work more cooperatively with other green energy sources, noting that “solar, wind, hydro and the atom,” formed “the green square that will be the basis of the world's carbon-free mix.” Likhachev, as quoted by the World Nuclear Association, said, “if the power capacity of existing nuclear power plants – 329 GWe – were due to coal- and gas-fired sources, about 2 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide would be released into the atmosphere each year.”

Likhachev explained that the world's forests “annually absorb 2.5 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide. In other words, approximately, nuclear power is commensurate to the ecological capacity of all the forests on the planet.”

“Everybody understands that the future belongs to green power,” he said. “The IAEA forecasts that, by 2050, the total share of clean energy generation in the world energy mix should be more than 80 percent. Receptively, the installed capacity of nuclear power plants should increase up to 930 GWE. This means, given the replacements of retired NPPs, we are to commission more than 20 GWE of new nuclear capacity annually already in ten years.”

He called this task “very ambitions, but doable.”

While Russian officials have signed cooperation agreements at the conference with Kazakhstan, Cambodia and Bolivia, demonstrating its global influence in the nuclear power industry, Likhachev said that Rosatom has developed expertise in confronting anti-nuclear power sentiments.

“We have good experience in this. We are ready to share this experience,” he said.

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