EnBW Selects Areva Consortium For Reactor Dismantling

Areva, sometimes referred to as “New AREVA,” representing the companies ongoing concerns after restructuring, said Monday that its decommissioning consortium had been selected by German utility EnBW to dismantle the reactor pressure vessel of the Philippsburg Unit 2 and Neckarwestheim II nuclear power plants. The contract also concerns “other reactor core waste,” the company said.

Philippsburg NPPEnBW has hired AREVA Decommissioning and Services GmbH-EWN for the operations that will mainly be carried out underwater. “Tried-and-tested dismantling technology, including specific remote-operated underwater equipment will be used,” said AREVA, noting it expects safe operations and cost-effective results.

The consortium will use a sampling and characterization approach to optimize segmentation and packaging, according to a release. “This approach meets the highest technology standards, while keeping to a minimum the number of necessary casks and thus the capacity of required final storage.”

Philippsburg Unit 2 is a 1,468 MW Pressurized Water Reactor that was connected to the grid in 1984. It is scheduled for its final shut down by 2019 to comply with Germany's Atomic Energy Act. Neckarwestheim II has an electrical output of 1,400 MW and will shut down at the end of 2022, also in compliance with the Atomic Energy Act.

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