Swiss NPP Receives AREVA NP Cruise Control System

A fifth nuclear power plant in Europe has been installed with AREVA NP's Advanced Load Following Control (ALFC) technology that allows the nuclear reactor to adjust its power output automatically in response to the needs of the electricity grid, the company said.

Goesgen NPPThe Swiss nuclear plant Goesgen has had the system installed. It adjusts the output from the range of 100 percent to 50 percent capacity in 30 megawatt per minute increments through a software upgrade. This allows the plant to make adjustments as a reaction to the ups and downs of renewable power sources, like wind and solar power, which are subjected to the whims of Mother Nature.

“The intermittent electricity generation of renewable energy sources like wind and solar increases the need for balancing power,” Energy Business Review quoted AREVA NP head of instrumentation and control projects Carsten Dueweke.

The new systems helps “stabilize” generation output across the grid, Dueweke said.

The same system has been installed in four German nuclear power plants: Philippsburg 2, Isar 2, Brokdorf and Grohnde.

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