Design And Construction License Puts Roopur NPP In Motion

With a design and construction license in place for Russian nuclear power giant Rosatom to commence construction of the first nuclear power plant in Bangladesh, the country has now joined the world's “nuclear club,” said Yeafrsh Osman, the minister for Science and Technology in the up and coming country.

nuclear power As part of the government's attempts to raise the status and standard of living in Bangladesh, plans call for a 4000MW of nuclear power capacity in place by 2030 with the initial phase comprising of two Russian-built 1200MW reactors, which will be modifications of the VVER NPP-2006 model. The first plant is slated for Rooppur, along the Ganges river, at a site 100 miles from Dhaka.

It is expected to provide Bangladesh meet 10 percent of its electricity demand.

The Daily Star reported Saturday that the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission was formally granted the design and construction license for the first unit with several dignitaries on hand to celebrate the achievement. Construction, according to the World Nuclear Association, was initiated with a contract-acknowledging foundation stone put in place in October 2013. Realistically, however, construction is now expected to start on November 30, when more dignitaries will be on hand at a ceremonial project launch.

The first reactor at the twin-unit project is expected to be online in late 2023 with Unit 2 following a year later. The initial $12.65 billion project is made possible by $11.38 billion in Russian financing, according to a 2016 Inter-governmental Credit Agreement signed by the two countries.

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