France To Work Out Slower Nuclear Reduction Plan

French Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot said Tuesday that it was “unrealistic” for the country to aim for a reduction of nuclear power to 50 percent of France's electricity generation mix by 2025, calling, instead, for a focus on reducing the use of fossil fuel, which contributes to global warming.

Fessenheim NPPHulot's remarks were brief, but adamant, reported the Associated Press. He said it would be “brutal and unrealistic” to reach for 50 percent with nuclear power. He also said he had assigned his department to draw up a new timetable for the reduction.

France would still reduce nuclear power to from its current level of about 75 percent of its electricity generation derived from nuclear power – the highest percentage of any advanced economy – but that it would take longer than eight years to do so.

France currently has 58 nuclear reactors in play. 

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