India Develops Robotic Steam Generation Tube Inspector

Indian scientists at the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotic (CAIR) have developed a remotely controlled system for inspecting steam generator tube eddy currents in nuclear power plants, which will remove humans from the potentially hazardous job, according to a Sputnik report.

Kudankulam NPPWhile robotic systems are deployed elsewhere for steam generator tube work, this is a first for Indian technicians, the report said.

The system is called the ECT Robot Manipulator, which is a “remotely controlled 5 Degree of Freedom robotic system used for positioning the ECT probe below the steam generator tube.” However, a technician is on hand with a remote camera that can be used to make final adjustments, if necessary, to position the inspection probe. The camera allows for “automatic visual position correction to compensate for mechanical errors in the system,” the report said.

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