NRC, Dominion Agree To Security Related Corrections

The NRC said it had issued a confirmatory order to Dominion Energy Nuclear Connecticut Inc. following an Alternative Dispute Resolution mediation session regarding security-related violations at the Millstone nuclear power plant.

Millstone NPPDominion Energy has agreed to carry out a series of corrective actions, which are spelled out in the order and which the NRC will confirm in upcoming inspections.

The actions are intended to address two violations and related performance aspects identified during an NRC investigation at the Waterford, Conn., plant, where NRC determined that a now-former contracted security officer working as an armorer deliberately failed to properly perform required maintenance of weapons at the plant and conduct monthly inventories of weapons not in use. The officer's malfeasance including the deliberate falsification of records related to both issues.

The mediation session over the issue was conducted on Sept. 20, 2017. Under the ADR process, mediation is facilitated by a neutral third party who has no decision-making authority but assists the NRC and a licensee in reaching an agreement when differences exist regarding an enforcement action.

A number of actions agreed to by Dominion include an evaluation of security contractor oversight and related training; independent reviews of the safety culture and organizational effectiveness within the site’s security organization; and communication about the issue to industry peers. A copy of the confirmatory order will be made available in the NRC’s electronic documents system, ADAMS.

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