Anti-Nuclear Protesters Arrested In France

Defined as “a group: or “several individuals” an unspecified number of anti-nuclear protesters have been detained in France after breaking into the Cruas-Meysse nuclear power plant in southern France, Reuters and APF have reported.

Cruas NPPAPF said “around 20 activists” were part of the protest, although how many of these were detained is unclear. A small number of those activists scaled the walls of a storage building that house spent nuclear fuel in order to demonstrate that security at the plant was weak, APF said.

The activists who made it to the top of the building fired off flares to demonstrate that armaments could potentially reach that point if willful terrorism was in play.

“All you need to do is make a hole (in the building) to start a fire,” said French Greenpeace member Yannick Rousselet.

Twenty-two people have been arrested, according to one report. EDF, for its part, said that public safety was never put in jeopardy during the protest.

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