GSE Simulation Platform Finds Home In Southern Fleet

GSE Systems Inc. said Tuesday that its latest high-fidelity simulation systems and training/consulting solutions to the power and process industries, OpenSim  7.0, would be implemented as a fleet solution across all nuclear plant sites for an existing client operating in the southern United States.

GSEThe company did not name the buyer, but said that the new platform would standardizing utility's fleet to optimize future simulation engineering work across its fleet of plants and more easily integrate future digital systems.

GSE’s latest enhancements in OpenSim 7.0 leverage GSE’s common simulation engine that serves as the backbone of many nuclear power plant training simulators in use today in the United States and internationally.

The GSE platform provides out-of-the-box support for Connectivity: OPC1 and third party Distributed Control Systems (DCS), engineering simulation: GSE’s high-definition executive (HDX client/server) simulation engine supports advanced simulation codes such as Idaho National Laboratory’s (INL) RELAP5-3D and the Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI) MAAP, performance monitoring: advanced monitoring and trending package via JDashboard.

The new configuration for OpenSim 7.0’s kernel supports OPC1 data transfer connectivity and HDX client integration. When clients add a new DCS, the communication protocols are already built into the OpenSim 7.0 simulation engine - which allows a simple configuration to get the system up and running.

The addition of HDX client and server routines enables OpenSim 7.0 to connect easily with advanced codes such as GSE’s RELAP5-HD®, EPRI’s MAAP (via GSE’s PSA-HD™, DesignEP®), Studsvik’s Simulate-3 Real-time code (S3R) and others.

JDashboard is a GSE tool for advanced monitoring and trending. In addition to monitoring simulator variables, JDashboard can evaluate user-defined expressions during runtime. The tool also offers more control over modules to help speed up debugging by allowing simulation engineers to control module execution in a variety of ways during run time. Finally, enhanced functionality enables real-time performance and CPU load balancing, which is especially important for monitoring and reporting on advanced engineering codes.

Bahram Meyssami, GSE’s Chief Technology Officer said, “The OpenSim 7.0 simulation engine is a leap forward for OpenSim installations, allowing customers to take advantage of GSE’s technology innovation to easily integrate third party systems and advanced (industry-accepted) codes. With such integration capabilities, customers can increase the fidelity of their existing training simulator and expand their use of our technology to leverage the nuclear plant simulator asset for engineering purposes, beyond the traditional training use. GSE continues to develop and unify several of our key existing technology innovations across our product portfolio to benefit all of our installed user base and future customers.”

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