Rosatom Installs Reactor Vessel At Leningrad Phase II

Unit 2 at the Leningrad Phase II nuclear power plant in western Russia now has an installed reactor vessel, which was put in place Thursday, nuclear giant Rosatom has said.

Leningrade Phase IIWorkers used a Liebherr crawler crane to hoist the reactor vessel, which was made by Rosatom subsidiary Izhorskiye Zavody, according to the World Nuclear Association report.

Rosatom said the reactor vessel, which arrived at the Leningrad Phase II site in mid-November, was installed using an “open top” technique that “allows equipment to be inserted into the sealed area directly through the open top of the cylindrical part of the reactor building.” The same technique has been used at the Haiyang and Sanmen nuclear projects in China and for the Leningrad Phase II Unit 1.

Leningrad Phase II will consist of four VVER 1200 reactors. The original Leningrad plant consists of four RMBK-1000 reactors.

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