Saudi Arabia Open To U.S. Bids For Nuclear Plants

A meeting between Saudi Arabia's energy minister Khalid al-Falih and U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry in Vienna concluded with no nuclear power pact announcement being made. After the meeting, Perry said it would be premature to make a statement about any accord, Reuters reported. Falih, however, made it clear that U.S. companies were welcome to bid on nuclear power plant projects in the Kingdom. 

nuclear powerWestinghouse has reportedly been discussing the formation of a joint venture with other U.S. companies and pressing the federal government on the need for a cooperative agreement with Saudi Arabia in order to move forward on a two-reactor build for the Middle Eastern state. After the meeting, Falih repeated his assertion that Saudi Arabia was only interested in nuclear power for domestic uses, noting that the Kingdom was "very active in non-proliferation by others."

Saudi Arabia confirmed in November that it was discussing a nuclear plant project with both Westinghouse and EDF, the French utility and plant developer. 

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