NRC Sends Inspection Team To Clinton NPP

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Wednesday the agency had launched a Special Inspection at the Clinton nuclear power plant to review the circumstances surrounding the failure of a transformer and a subsequent manual shutdown of the reactor on Dec. 9.

Clinton NPPThe regulator said a two-member inspection team arrived at the Illinois plant site on Monday. The team is tasked to “better understand the event, review the operation of equipment and evaluate the plant’s actions in response,” the NRC said.

The inspectors will spend time both on and off site in their review. They will also examine the plant's corrective actions plan and steps taken in response to the event while also considering a similar event that occurred in 2013 on another transformer.

The event did not impact public health and safety. As part of the inspection, the NRC team will independently review the technical details regarding the operational failure, and the plant’s response to the previous event, the NRC noted.

Following the inspection, a report documenting the team’s findings will be made publicly available. When the operational failure occurred, operators in the control room received numerous alarms indicating a transformer failure, which resulted in a loss of power to certain safety related equipment. Redundant safety systems remained available and operable and other plant systems responded as expected.

Workers installed a new transformer before the plant restarted operations. The single-unit plant is operated by Exelon Nuclear Generation Co., and is located in Clinton, Ill., about 23 miles southeast of Bloomington, Ill 

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