BWXT Lands $1.4B Los Alamos Cleanup Contract

BWX Technologies Inc., said Thursday it had landed a major Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup Contract along with lead partner Stoller Newport News Nuclear (SN3), a subsidiary of Huntington Ingalls Industries Technical Solusions division

BWXT The work will take place at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, site of U.S. atomic weapons development dating back to 1942. The value of the contract is approximately $1.39 billion. The contract has an initial time line expectation of 10 years.

“Following a 90-day transition period, the contract includes a five-year term and three-year and two-year option periods unilaterally exercisable by the Department of Energy,” the company said.

The DOE's Office of Environmental Management's mission at the Los Alamos National Lab is to clean up the site safely to reduce risks to the public and the environment associated with the lab's atomic weapons waste legacy.

BWXT is a partner in joint ventures serving the Environmental Management department at other locations, including the Savannah River Site, the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant, the West Valley Demonstration Project, the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant and the Waste Isolate Pilot Program.

SN3 is also contracted to serve various DOE locations. Its largest presence is at the Savannah River site, where it is a prime partner in the management and operating contract there.

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