CNNC, New AREVA Affirm Commitment To Project

New AREVA and its Chinese partner China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) said Tuesday they had signed an accord for the Chinese commercial used fuel treatment and recycling plant project that reaffirms their commitment to complete the negotiations of the contract for the project launch in 2018.

New AREVANew AREVA called the document "a memorandum of commercial agreement" that reiterates the commitment to the project. The agreement was signed in Beijing in the presence of the President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, and the President of France Emmanuel Macron.

"Through this memorandum, New AREVA and CNNC reaffirm their mutual commitment to complete the negotiations of the contract for the Chinese commercial used fuel treatment-recycling plant project at the soonest, to launch the project in 2018, and acknowledge the substantial progress made in the negotiation during the past few months," the companies said.CNNC

The Chinese treatment-recycling plant (800 tons capacity) will be built on the model of the La Hague plant in northwestern France and the Melox light water fuel production plants in southern France. Both of these plants are " recognized for their proven technologies, highest standards of safety and security, and industrial performance," according to the company's statement.

"CNNC and New AREVA have stepped up their efforts to reach agreement on the contract and we are seeing today very positive results. I am looking forward to finalizing the negotiations soon, and starting the implementation of this landmark project with our partner CNNC in 2018," stated New AREVA Chief Executive Officer Philippe Knoche.

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