Regulator Recommends Connecticut Support Millstone NPP

Connecticut's Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) in a draft report has recommended the state allow the Millstone Nuclear Power Station to be declared a clean energy source that would put it in the same market category as wind, solar and hydroelectric power sources.

Millstone NPPIn October, the state's legislature had asked PURA to investigate whether or not Dominion Energy's claims that the nuclear power plant was in danger of closing due to legitimate financial reasons. The regulators said they believed the plant could operate in the black for the next 17 years, although PURA also noted, “changed cost inputs, if verified by review of audited financial documents, could result in the Millstone units being at risk.” The regulator made its financial assessment, said the Associated Press, without detailed financial documents from Dominion.

However, the cost of replacing Millstone with other zero-carbon power sources would cost the state “approximately $5.5 billion” the draft report states.

Closing the plant would also increase carbon dioxide emissions in the region by 25 percent, according to PURA.

A final report is expected by February 1.

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