Rosatom Brings Unit 1 Leningrad II Minimum Controlled Power

Russian engineering and construction giant Rosatom announced that the Unit 1 of Generation III+ VVER-1200 reactor at Leningrad Phase II was brought up to the minimum controlled power (MCP) Tuesday.
Leningrad II Unit 1General Director of Rosenergoatom Andrei Petrov called the achievement "the final link in the operation chain of the first criticality program of the unit which started on December 8, 2017."
"High quality and timely implementation of all planned works has allowed us to bring the reactor critical safe and in due time,” said Leningrad Plant Manager Vladimir Pereguda in a statement.
"And now, before our eyes, the most powerful unit is born to the family of Leningrad NPP which will multiply this achievement," he said.
In the next week specialists will conduct a set of experiments designed to clarify the neutronics characteristics of the first reactor fuel charge obtained through the calculations as well as confirm reliability of functioning of protection features, interlocks and the entire nuclear physics monitoring and nuclear safety systems of the reactor.
That step will complete the first criticality program for Unit 1. Technicians will then start to prepare to the first power and pilot commercial operation.
During all these final stages all unit’s equipment will be functionally checked using operating parameters while releasing heat and electricity.
According to the master schedule, Leningrad II Unit 1’s first power and start of the pilot commercial operation are planned for spring this year. 

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