Court In Tokyo Increases Payment To Some Evacuees

Another court in Tokyo has arrived at a split decision concerning liability in the case of the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Generating Station disaster of 2011.

Fukushima EvacuationThe court ordered the plant's owner, Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) to pay $10 million to 318 Odaka residents who were ordered to evacuate after the accident. While the ruling went against Tepco, however, the sum was a fraction of what the plaintiffs had demanded. They will be paid slight more than $31,000 each. They had asked for 10 times that amount.

A previous ruling had ordered Tepco to pay each resident in the suit $78,000.

The suit also covers only a fraction of the 12,000 residents who were ordered to evacuate their homes after the accident. Many other lawsuits are in process.

Also under consideration is the trial against three former Tepco executives, which began in June 2017, but has not yet been completed.

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