Leningrad II Unit 1 Begins Power Up Testing

Russian nuclear build corporation Rosatom said this week that the Unit 1 at the Leningrad nuclear power plant expansion project – known as Leningrad Phase II – has successfully completed tests required at the minimum level of controlled power “in preparation for start-up this spring.”  As such, higher power testing was underway.

Leningrad Phase II The facility's head of nuclear safety Andrey Kolychev said that data from the early operational tests corresponded with expectations regarding neutron-physical behavior of the reactor core. The data was within the technical requirements for the VVER-1200 unit, Kolychev said.

The new unit began operations at a minimum power level on Feb. 6. Initial operations tests and data collection was completed in 10 days, according to the World Nuclear Association.

Higher level power tests have begun at the plant. However, it takes a power up to 35 percent before the plant can run through full dress rehearsal with the turbogenerator engaged, Rosatom said.

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