Leningrad II Unit 1 Synchronized To Grid

Calling it a “remarkable event,” Russia's State Atomic Energy Corporation, Rosatom, said Tuesday that the Leningrad Phase II Unit 1 on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland had been synchronized to the national grid and started delivering its first kilowatt hours with all equipment soundly operating.

Leningrad II Unit 1 synchronized to gridThe Innovative Unit 1 with a Generation III+ reactor VVER-1200,” the company said, has started … and shifted from the being constructed rank to the operating rank.” “I would like to thank greet the team of Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant as well as designers, builders, installers and adjusters with the birth of a new atomic giant,” said the company's Director General Alexei Likhahev in a buoyant mood.

The operation was completed on 9 March with thermal power brought up to 35 percent power, while the “fast-speed turbine K-1200-6,8/50 had reached 3,000 revolutions per minute in order to connect to the national grid … with minimum controlled power of 240 MW sustained for four hours, as laid out in operational protocol.

Today, we once again have tested reliability and safety of process systems functioning at the start-up power unit. The operation has acknowledged being successful. There are no issues with equipment. Having released first kilowatts to the grid, we have completed the first power program and are ready to start the next phase that is the pilot commercial operation,” said Leningrad Plant Manager Vladimir Pereguda.

The specific VVER-1200 design used at Leningrad II Unit 1 is only the second in the world of this type, the twin to a reactor at Novovoronezh that began operations in 2016. With the new unit, fuel was first loaded in early December 2017. Minimum controlled power was first accomplished in early February.

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