NRC Issues Entergy Confirmatory Order

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Wednesday they had issued a Confirmatory Order to Entergy Nuclear Operations and Entergy Operations, Inc., to prevent what the agency called willful misconduct in a case that centers on documented disregard for safety protocols at the Grand Gulf nuclear power plant in Port Gibson, Miss.

Grand GulfThe Confirmatory Order documents actions the company has agreed to take to address issues at their fleet of seven nuclear power plants, which include Grand Gulf, Arkansas Nuclear One (in Russellville, Ark.), Indian Point 2 and 3 (in Buchanan, N.Y.), Palisades (in Covert, Mich.), Pilgrim (in Plymouth, Mass.), River Bend (in St. Francisville, La.), and Waterford (in Killona, La.).

“As a result of investigations at the Grand Gulf nuclear power plant … Entergy identified that (1) an examination proctor deliberately compromised examinations by providing inappropriate assistance to trainees; (2) workers did not perform required rounds to check equipment and plant conditions; and (3) workers deliberately provided inaccurate documentation indicating they had done so,” the NRC said.

The three apparent violations of NRC requirements are described in a Nov. 20, 2017, inspection report, the agency said.

Entergy requested the Alternative Dispute Resolution process with the NRC to discuss corrective actions, making use of a neutral mediator with no decision-making authority to help the company and the regulator arrive at a meaningful solution to address the issues. A final meeting on the issues was held on Feb. 6, the agency said.

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