Westinghouse Completes Decommissioning Project At Barseback NPP

Westinghouse Electric Company announced Friday that it has completed a major decommissioning project at the former two-boiling water reactor Barsebäck nuclear power plant in Skane, Sweden, about 20 kilometers from the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

Barseback NPPBarsebäck Unit 2 ceased operation in 2005 and decommissioning work began in August 2016. Westinghouse’s scope of work included the underwater segmentation and packaging of the reactor vessel internals, as well as the upfront engineering studies and equipment manufacturing and qualification.

Westinghouse called the milestone a "successful initial step of the first dismantling of a commercial nuclear power plant in Sweden."

“The success of this project is a result of close cooperation and proves that the Swedish back–end system works as intended,” said Asa Carlson, BKAB managing director.

Westinghouse is now due to begin decommissioning work on Barsebäck Unit 1, with an estimated completion date of April 2019

Construction of Unit 1 at the power plant began in 1969; it achieved its first criticality on January 18, 1975 with commercial service commencing in May of that year. The second reactor attained criticality on March of 1977 and began commercial service on July 1.  Barseback 1 was closed November 30, 1999, while Barseback 2 was shuttered on May 31, 2005.

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