RFP Issued For $370M Chalk River Research Center

Canada's nuclear science and technology organization Canadian National Laboratories has announced the issuance of a Request For Proposals (RFP) for the design and construction of its Advanced Nuclear Materials Research Center (ANMRC), a $370 million research center that will serve as the "backbone" of a $1.2 billion investment in its Chalk River facilities.

Chalk River Laboratories"The revitalization of the Chalk River Laboratories campus is designed to position CNL as a global leader in nuclear science and technology, transforming the site into a world-class and sustainable national nuclear laboratory,” commented Mark Lesinski, CNL’s President and CEO in a statement.

As the largest single capital investment in the revitalization of the Chalk River campus, the ANMRC will consolidate key capabilities from a number of aging facilities that are scheduled for decommissioning. The ANMRC will feature new shielded facilities that will enable post-irradiation examination of small modular reactor (SMR) and next-generation nuclear fuels, and glovebox facilities to support the development of advanced fuel fabrication concepts. The complex will also include materials storage bays which will simplify the transportation of radioactive material on site, improving work efficiency at the Chalk River campus. Overall, services provided by the ANMRC will be critical to the life extension and long-term reliability of existing reactors, including Canada’s fleet of CANDU nuclear power reactors and other designs deployed around the world. 

The release of the ANMRC RFP continues the strong momentum CNL is making under its capital program. Last month, CNL announced that it had launched the construction process for three new “enabling” facilities at its Chalk River campus, which represents more than $100 million in new infrastructure. Recently, CNL also cut the ribbon on a brand new $55 million hydrogen laboratory complex, opened a new $100 million materials research laboratory, the Harriet Brooks Building, and is in the final stages of commissioning its new $40 million Tritium Laboratory. Over $90 million is also being invested into important infrastructure improvements, including new domestic water and natural gas service to the campus, a modern sanitary sewage treatment facility, and a system to more effectively manage storm water on the site.

“The Government’s investment to renew infrastructure at the Chalk River nuclear laboratories will help deliver world-class nuclear science and technology,” said Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, the Honorable Jim Carr. “CNL’s revitalization plans will help shape our future nuclear successes and the industry’s role in our transition to a low-carbon economy.”


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