IAEA Team Completes Olkiluoto Review

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Pre-Operational Safety Review Team (Pre-OSART) has concluded an 18-day mission to review preparedness at the Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant in Finland in expectations of the initial start up for Unit 3, which is expected to take place in December.

Olkiluoto NPPThe Pre-OSART team said they had found “a number of good practices that will be shared with the nuclear industry globally, such as development and implementation of an efficient system “for improving knowledge and skills of staff members,” as well as development of a “unique method for performing suspended solids analysis using a microscope, imaging software and a digital camera.”

The review team also applauded a system for “systematically assessing nuclear safety culture in the plant supplier organization during construction and commissioning.”

But the team stopped short of language IAEA commonly uses to describe the most substantial safety and security operations. Normally, when most impressed, the IAEA describes safety measures as “robust.”

The Pre-OSART team, which completed its mission on March 22, found areas where improvements were recommended. These included setting directing management to “set appropriate expectations, communicate them to staff and reinforce them in the field …. improve implementation of its foreign material exclusion program … (and) enhance fire protection and prevention arrangements.”

Expected to be the first operational EPR reactor, Unit 3's prime construction contracts were managed by Siemens together with Areva SA. The plant will be operated by Finland's Teollisuuden Voima (TVO).

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