Vogtle Team Places Unit 4 Reactor Vessel (With Video)

Georgia Power announced today the placement of the nuclear reactor vessel inside Unit 4 containment at the Vogtle nuclear expansion project near Waynesboro, Georgia.

Unit 4 Reactor vesselStanding 35 feet tall, the reactor vessel functions as a heat source from the nuclear fission process to produce steam that will generate electricity for the plant.

The 306-ton reactor vessel was fabricated by Doosan Heavy Industries in South Korea, shipped through the Port of Savannah and arrived at the construction site via train on a specialized rail car.

Although a dramatic year since the March 29, 2017 Westinghouse bankruptcy, construction has gone on unabated at the Vogtle plant. Recently, Georgia Power announced the placement of 2,400 cubic yards of concrete for the Unit 4 "turbine tabletop."   The company also recently filed the 18th Vogtle Construction Monitoring report with the Georgia Public Service Commission, which highlights progress at the site through the end of 2017.

The report noted improved productivity with direct construction work tracking ahead of the plan to achieve the target in-service dates of November 2021 for Unit 3 and November 2022 for Unit 4.

Here's the clip of the reactor vessel placement, which took six hours to complete.