Nuclear Rescue Bill In New Jersey Moves Forward

[UPDATED] A month after the Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) in New Jersey said it would cancel capital projects at the Salem nuclear power plant in southern N.J. due to an unprofitable market environment for nuclear power, state lawmakers advanced a nuclear power assistance bill through two state committees that would provide $300M per year in taxpayer assistance for nuclear power in the state.

Salem NPPThe measure would only add $3.4 per month to the average utility bill for PSEG customers, the AP reported.

While the bill went forward in Assembly and Senate committees that are comprised mostly of Democratic lawmakers, the state's Democratic Governor Phil Murphy has not said whether or not he would sign the bill, which will likely come to a floor vote next week in the Senate and potentially next week in the Assembly.

The politics became tricky when the rescue bill was separated by a clean energy bill that had broad support and had been viewed favorably by the governor.

About 40 percent of the electricity generated in New Jersey comes from nuclear power. 

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