UAE Opens Dosimetry Laboratory

The United Arab Emirates has opened its first dosimetry laboratory that combines the efforts of the country's Khalifa University and its nuclear power regulator the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulations (FANR).

radiation signAccording to Gulf News, all radioactive instruments and materials that required dosimeter readings were sent out of the country prior to the lab's opening.

The new facility is called the Secondary Standards Dosimetry Laboratory. The Gulf News quoted FANR Directort General Christer Viktorsson as saying, “The inauguration of the SSDL represents another step taken to ensure radiation protection of the public. Workers and the environment. SSDL is one of the cornerstones in FANR in building up the radiation protection infrastructure in the UAE.”

The lab was also oppened with the support of the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency, which sent experts to the lab on multiple occasions to make sure it meet with IAEA standards.

The lab will be available for a variety of industries, but it is expected that healthcare applications will make up the bulk of the lab's work.

The lab will be operated by Emirati FANR staff, Viktorsson noted.

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