UK Sniffing Around For SMR Site

British Minister Stuart Andrew, a Conservative Party politician from Wales, is visiting a potential Small Modular Reactor development site in Trawsfynydd this week to voice support for the next generation of nuclear power, which is envisioned as including small, factory-built reactors.

Gwynedd NPPThe Daily Post reported Andrews as saying, “While we are not yet at the stage of identifying either siting criteria or potential sites, we recognize the advantages that Trawsfynyddd could have for SMR deployment.”

The minister will visit the Gwynedd site on Thursday, the site of a two-unit Magnox power station that was shut down in 1991. This morning I’m visiting Trawsfynydd to see for myself the opportunity at the site, and later this afternoon I will be meeting with Rolls Royce to see how some of the technology is developing,” Andrews said.

He also said that one of the advantages of SMR deployment at Gywedd would be the economic boost it would give to the local economy.

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