Doel Unit 1 Closes Due To Small Water Leak

A small water leak in the emergency cooling system that posed “no security problems,” according to Belgium's nuclear power regulator, has caused an unexpected shut down of the Doel Unit 1 reactor.

Doel NPPThe reactor is expected to remain shut down through October 1, in part because problems presented by making repairs in the affected area of the plant made difficulty due to its high level of radioactivity, Nuclear Engineering International reported.

Doel Unit 1 began operations in February 1975. With a 10-year license extension, its operating permit is good through 2025.

The Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC) said the leak “in itself poses no security problems,” but that the incident warranted review to give it a rating designating its significance on the International Atomic Energy Agency's Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale.

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