Unit 4 Step-Up Transformers Among Milestones At Vogtle NPP

Georgia Power on Thursday said that workers had placed the four main step-up transformers inside the Unit 4 transformer bays in the latest announcement of construction milestones at the Vogtle nuclear expansion near Waynesboro, Georgia.

Step up transformer for Vogtle's Unit 4The step-up transformers, each weighing 420,000 pounds, were put into place in the bays that are located near the unit's turbine building. The transformers are designed to increase the voltage produced by the turbine generators from 26,000 volts to 500,000 volts before the energy flows to the state's power grid to serve the companies retail customers.

Workers also completed a significant concrete placement inside the Unit 4 containment vessel, clearing the path for installation of the first floor module for the unit, the CA32 module.

Other recent milestones at the site include the placement of the second floor module for the Unit 3 operating deck, CA56.

This module is part of the steel floor that sits above the In-Containment Refueling Water Storage Tank (IRWST). The IRWST is a 75,300-cubic-foot tank that, once the units are operational, is filled with borated water and is a key safety feature within containment providing automatic, gravity-fed backup cooling for the reactor vessel.Plant Vogtle expansion spring 2018

With more than 6,000 construction workers onsite today, the Vogtle nuclear expansion is the largest job-producing project in the state of Georgia and the only commercial nuclear reactor construction project active in the United States. The target in-service dates for the units remaining November 2021 (Unit 3) and November 2022 (Unit 4), according to the latest Vogtle Construction Monitoring Report.

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