Segmentation Begins For Oskarshamn Unit 2

Sweden's Oskarshamn Unit 2, which was shuttered in December 2016, has entered the segmentation phase of dismantling, as of May 14, according to reports.

Oskarshamn NPPThe segmentation of the reactor vessel, which follows a post-operation phase, is contracted to GE Hitachi Nuclear Engineering. According to Nuclear Engineering International, among the first components to be cut away – by use of a circular saw and plasma deployed under water – will be the moderator tank upper head and steam separators.

It is expected that segmentation will be completed in the spring of next year.

“After solid preparations that go far back before the department for decommissioning was formed in 2016, we now look forward with both excitement and caution to see how segmentation functions in our plant,” said Andreas Roos, OKG decommissioning manager.

Both Oskarshamn Units 1 and 2 are being shuttered due to economic concerns. Unit 1 was closed down in June 2017 for an “operational disturbance” and has not been restarted. OSK said in 2015 it would close down Unit 2, allowing it would no longer make investments aimed at a long-term viability for the boiling water reactor. Units 1 and 2 had installed capacities of 494 MW and 664 MW, respectively. Oskarshamn Unit 3 has an capacity of 1,450 MW.

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