NRC Inspects Clinton, Concerned With Backup Generators

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Thursday it had begun a Special Inspection at the Clinton nuclear power plant to review the circumstances surrounding problems with the emergency diesel generators at the plant that could not operate for approximately three days during a recent refueling outage.

Clinton NPPThe inspection began Wednesday, June 20.

The NRC said a three-member team will review the sequence of events, and the owner of the plant’s root cause analysis. The aim is to determine the probable causes, evaluate Exelon’s compliance to shutdown procedures, and assess the corrective actions to address the lack of functioning emergency generators.

The NRC team will spend time both on and off site. After the inspection, a report documenting the team’s findings will be issued and made publicly available.

Clinton is a single-unit plant operated by Exelon Generation Co. It is about 23 miles southeast of Bloomington in Clinton, Illinois.

Per NRC regulations, at least one emergency diesel generator must be operable during a refueling outage. Emergency diesel generators are safety-related systems designed to provide power to the site if there is a loss of offsite power.

During the May outage, plant workers removed each emergency diesel generator from service one at a time to perform maintenance activities. However, as they were working on the second diesel, a plant worker discovered that the first diesel was not completely restored to an operable status. Once the issue was identified, workers took immediate action to restore one diesel generator to operable service as required per regulations, the agency said.

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