Orano Signs Mission Agreement With Britain's Regulator

Orano, formerly Areva, has signed an agreement with Britain's Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) defined as a "roadmap of collaboration’ according to the company, meant to pave the way for cooperation in advancing civil nuclear decommissioning, clean-up and hazard reduction.

OranoFollowing the agreement of the Declaration of Intent between the French and United Kingdom governments signed on 18 January 2018, high-level discussions have taken place between Orano and the NDA to develop a common Roadmap of Collaboration, the company said.

The purpose of this accord is to establish how Orano and NDA will work together to identify projects they can share expertise and reduce the cost of decommissioning the civil nuclear legacy in the UK and France.

Various facilities involved in the nuclear industry face common technical challenges, such as dismantling of nuclear facilities, management of legacy waste and final estate definition. Orano and the NDA will work on these issues to formulate a basic strategy for common collaborations between the two organisations. Addressing these issues in a timely and economically efficient manner is a key goal of the present agreement.

“The UK and France have unrivaled expertise in the nuclear sector. This Roadmap set the direction towards a brighter future for us to work together with Orano, as we progress our decommissioning missions in the UK and France," said NDA Chief Executive Officer David Peattie.

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