Bangladesh Grants Construction License for Rooppur 2

The nuclear power regulator in Bangladesh has granted a license for design and construction of a second reactor at the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant that will be constructed by Russia, the state-owned nuclear power company Rosatom said Monday.
Bangladesh NPPThe license was granted July 8 by the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority for "unit No. 2 ... under the Russian design to the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission," Rosatom said.
‘JSC ASE Engineering Company as the General Contractor of NPP performs all obligations related to the construction of the Rooppur NPP. Currently, the construction of the first power unit is under way. "In July 2018 we plan to start pouring the first concrete into the slab of the reactor compartment of power unit No. 2’, said head of the Engineering Design of ROSATOM Valery Limarenko. 
The construction of Rooppur NPP Unit 1 started in November, 2017. Currently the works on construction of the walls of the reactor building,  reinforcement of the reactor building walls and the foundation slab of the auxiliary reactor building are being performed on the construction site, the soil stabilization works in the evaporative cooling tower, have begun.

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