Framatome Completes Pump Refurbishment For Three U.S. Plants

Nuclear solutions company Framatome, owned by EDF (75 percent), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (19.5 percent) and Assystem (5 percent), said it had completed refurbishment of 31 reactor coolant pumps in three southeastern U.S. nuclear energy facilities. The announcement said the work began in 2002 and was completed by June of this year.

nuclear power“From 2002 to May 2018, the company modified and upgraded these components, which resulted in a 100 percent reliability and zero failure performance record since being reinstalled,” Framatome said.

The motors in reactor coolant pumps help circulate coolant around the primary circuit of a nuclear reactor core, a system essential to plant operations, as it keeps the reactor from overheating.

Framatome's Installed Base Services Team worked with plant personnel to remove each motor. The motors were then shipped to Framatome's 70,000-square-foot Pump and Motor Service Center in Lynchburg, Virginia.

The motors were fully inspected, refurbished and tested. They were then shipped back to the nuclear facilities and re-installed. “Such refurbishments allow these components, and thus the nuclear facilities, to operate safely and reliably for longer durations,” said Framatome.

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