Britain's Motex Energy Selected For New Brunswick Deployment

Britain's Motex Energy said it had been selected by New Brunswick Energy Solutions Corporation and New Brunswick Power to develop its Stable Salt Reactor Wasteburner (SSR-W) technology for deployment in New Brunswick, Canada.

Moltex The deployment of the reactor that operates without pumps is now slated for the Point Lepreau nuclear facility. Moltex said the target date for deployment was 2030.

In late June, the SSR-W design was selected in Britain as the winner of the government's Advanced Modular Reactors competition. The new private-sector agreement provides the company with $5 million that will provide immediate support for the company's new North American headquarters slated for Saint John in southern New Brunswick.

New Brunswick has been actively pursuing small modular reactor concepts for development, seeking to take advantage of the new technology's potential for economic growth and for its deployment in remote population centers or industries. New Brunswick Energy Solutions is a joint venture made up of provincial government and New Brunswick Power, which operates Point Lepreau NPP, the only nuclear power plant in Canada outside of Ontario.

Moltex is the second company to be selected as part of the province's small reactor initiative. In early July, it was announced that Advanced Reactor Concepts (ARC) would be the first development partner. ARC is developing a 100MWe integrated sodium-cooled fast reactor with a metallic uranium core, reported Nuclear Engineering International.

The Moltex system is deployable at grid scale from 300 to 3000MW, the company said.

Moltex Chief Executive Stephen Haighton said the technology was “a prefect fit for New Brunswick's power needs.”

“It uses spent fuel, which could help solve the province's future spent fuel disposal challenge. It is a physically small reactor, but is able to store energy, so can double or triple its output at peak demand times during the day,” Haighton said.

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