Yangjiang Unit 5 Enters Commercial Operation Status

China's first ACPR-1000 reactor, Unit 5 at the Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant, has completed its initial trial run and moved into commercial operations status, an event that occurred July 12, CGN Power announced.

CGNThe 168-hour testing period was completed two months shy of five years since construction began in September 2013. The unit was first connected to the grid in May of this year.

The reactor in Guangndong province is a third-generation ACPR-1000 design, which was originally based on the M310-three loop model developed in France, which was one of the first nuclear power plants constructed in China, Power Magazine reported.

While a derivative of the French reactor design, intellectual property rights to the the ACPR-1000 are Chinese-owned.

China’s first reactor adopting its domestically developed evolutionary third-generation ACPR-1000 design has wrapped up trial operation and begun commercial operation.

CGN Power, a subsidiary of China General Nuclear Power Corp., announced that the 1000-MW Unit 5 of the Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant in Guangdong province completed a 168-hour period of trial operation on July 12. Construction of the unit began in September 2013, and it was connected to the grid on May 23, 2018.

The first two units at the Yangjiang facility are CPR-1000 models, while Units 3 and 4 are CPR-1000+ models. Units 5 and 6 take the double containment system further with the ACPR-1000 model, according to CGN.

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