Framatome Completes Robotic Inspection At Asco 2

Framatome said it had successfully completed a visual inspection of the tube bundle top structure of a steam generator in the Spanish nuclear power plant at Ascó Unit 2 using a "well-proven" underwater inspection submarine system called SUSI.

Asco NPP"This small, remote-controlled submarine navigates the primary circuit as well as the steam generator’s secondary side of nuclear power plants and is equipped with technology for various applications. Such inspections aims at confirming  the system integrity and the safety of the plant’s operation," said the company, formerly a division of Areva.

The Spanish nuclear power plant Ascó is operated by ANAV, Asociación Nuclear Asco-Vandellos. It consists of two pressurized water reactors. Asco 1 started operating in 1984 and has an installed net capacity of 1031 MWe, while Asco 2 started in 1986 with an installed net capacity of 1027 MWe.

“This success shows our ability to perform complex inspections in nuclear power plants of all designs," said Catherine Cornand, senior executive vice president of Installed Bas Business at Framatome. "Moreover, it is an important step in strengthening our presence in the Spanish market“, she said.

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