Bruce Power Hires Black & McDonald For Unit 6 Rebuild

Canada's Bruce Power said that it had awarded contracts to Black & McDonald Limited for construction services for the company's Unit 6 Major Component Replacement (MCR) project.

Bruce Power NPPUnder the contract, Black & McDonald will provide construction services and project execution for 19 individual mechanical and electrical projects. In addition, the company will procure material and fabricated components for use in the construction projects, the utility said.

Technically, the work stipulated int he contract has already begun "as extensive planning is required before the Unit 6 outage begins in January 2020," Bruce Power noted. At its peak, Black & McDonald will employ more than 250 trades and 75 management and technical personnel on the contract. The work will conclude when the unit is returned to service in 2024.

“We continue to create good paying jobs while generating 30 per cent of Ontario’s electricity at 30 per cent less than the average residential cost,” said Mike Rencheck, Bruce Power’s President and chief executive officer. 

The Bruce Power MCR project will begin in Unit 6 in 2020, followed by Units 3 through 8, extending the life of the site to 2064. Bruce Power’s Life-Extension Program, which includes Asset Management and MCR, began on Jan. 1, 2016, and remains on time and on budget.

Bruce Power expects the MCR project "will create and sustain 22,000 jobs annually, both directly and indirectly, across Ontario."

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