Kozloduy Unit 6 Cleared Through 2051

Rusatom Service, a division of state-owned nuclear power giant Rosatom, has cleared the Kozloduy Unit 6 reactor in northwestern Bulgaria for a 60-year operational life, the Bulgarian Energy Ministry has announced.

Kozloduy NPPThe assessment period took 30 months, including upgrades, Nuclear Engineering International reported.

Signing off on the 60-year approval was Kozloduy General Director Ivan Andreev and Rusatom Service General Director Evgeny Salkvov. The new permit allows the plant to operate until 2051.

Unit 6 at Kozloduy is one of two VVER-1000 reactors at the facility. Unit 5, the other VVER-1000 reactor at the plant was granted approval for a 60-year run in 2016.

While the reactors have been approved for longer operational runs, licenses must still be renewed every 10 years. “At the end of last year, a license was issued for the extension of Unit 5 operation by 10 years. Today we hear the results of the project we have implemented with our Russian partners to extend the life of Unit 6. Of the planned 227 activities, 138 have been completed. Seventy will be completed by the end of the year and 19 in the next licensing period,” NEI quoted the head of the Ministry of Energy Temenuzhuka Petkova as saying.

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