Turbine In Place At Leningrad II Unit 2

The new turbine installation for Leningrad's Phase II nuclear power plant Unit 2 has been completed, Russia's state-owned nuclear construction company Rosatom said on Monday.

RosatomThe turbine has been properly oriented in the turbine building that consists of four platforms, according to the World Nuclear Association. In total, the four platforms provide 25,000 square meters of space. The building contains more than 5,000 metric tons of piping and close to 4,000 valves, the WNA said.

The turbine was installed and aligned ahead of schedule, Rosatom said. “This enables us not only to keep to schedule but in some areas even shorten the time required, said construction director Alexander Chebotarev.

The second phase of the Leningrad plant will include four VVER-1200 reactors, the first such reactors under construction following the Novovoronezh Unit 6, also a VVER-1200 model reactor. Unit 1 at Leningrad II began operations in December 2017. Commissioning was completed in March 2018.

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