Leningrad II Unit 1 Enters Final Testing Phase

Slated to become the second operating VVER-1200 reactor after Novovononezh Unit 6, the Leningrad II Unit 1 reactors has begun the final testing phase for operations, which should be completed in the next two weeks, Rosatom said.

Leningrad IIThe tests are expected to take 15 days with systems brought up to full power, Nuclear Engineering International said.

The testing is designed to run the plant through full power paces with a focus on integrity and safety. "Over the past four months, during the pilot production phase, we have completed several hundred interim tests of the systems and equipment of the new unit with a gradual increase in its capacity," said Chief Engineer Alexander Belyaev. "

After test reports are completed, Rosatom will apply for approval to commence commercial operations for the unit that includes a "melt trap" that is meant to contain any meltdown in a specific area while steam generators provide a passive heat diversion system even if back up power is unavailable.

To date, the new unit has produced more than 1.8GWh of electricity that represents the first of Leningrad II's contribution to the grid. The four original reactors, Leningrad I, are all RBMK reactors that were commissioned in the early 70s through to 1981. Those reactors are nearing the end of their expected lifespans.

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