Sanmen Unit 2 Begins Ascension Testing

A third Westinghouse Electric Company designed AP1000 reactor in China is now supplying power to the grid, the China National Nuclear Corporation along with partner State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation announced on Friday.

Sanmen NPPThe reactor, Sanmen Unit 2, was connected to the grid in the late afternoon – 5:22 p.m., according to the World Nuclear Association.

The first AP1000 reactor to supply power to the grid is Sanmen Unit 1, a milestone reached in late June of this year.

As of Friday, Sanmen Unit 2 began its ascension testing phase in which the reactor is brought gradually up to full power. Once it operates at 100 percent power for a set period of time – generally a week – the companies will apply for commercial operations status.

Although Sanmen's two AP1000 milestones were achieved in remarkably short order – being connected to the grid for the first time only two months apart – Unit 1 at the Haiyang facility in Shandong province slipped in between the two milestones with two of its own, reaching first criticality on August 8 and being connected to the grid on August 17.

Sanmen Unit 1 achieved first criticality on June 22, while Sanmen Unit 2 obtained the same feat on August 17.

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  • Anonymous

    America once took the Soviet first in space as a challenge and then conquered the moon first.  Now we let China be first in new generation nuclear and ....crickets!  Get off your butts, America!!