Korea Chooses Partners For Overseas Nuclear Projects

The Korea Herald said Wednesday that a consortium comprised of Daewoo Engineering & Construction and Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction was chosen for partner with Korea Hydro And Nuclear Power to pursue bids for nuclear power projects anticipated for the Czech Republic and Poland.

Daewoo Engineering & Construction and Doosan Heavy Industries & ConstructionThe companies were chosen after a screening process that took place over the past week. The merit-based screening assigned 60 points to companies for their prequalifications and 40 points for their business development plans. In turn, prequalifications was divided into business performance (allowed 20 points), plus business performance in Europe (allowed 30 points).

A Daewoo Engineering & Construction official was quoted as saying that the company's track record in Europe was not the strongest among the applicants. However, the official said "we received high points for the business development plan, proving our construction technologies of nuclear power plants."

Daewoo Engineering & Construction has a worked on nuclear power plant projects and has experience with overseas engineering projects.

The Korean government is supporting the nuclear power export business, while focusing on renewable power for domestic demand.

For the new consortium, 10 evaluators completed their week-long review of business plans on August 23. The government announced it was open for applicants on July 31. At a subsequent meeting, seven companies were present as the government discussed the application process.

Among the criteria the evaluators considered was the ability of companies to recruit workers for overseas projects.

Both the Czech Republic and Poland are expected to announce requests for proposals early next year for projects that are not expected to begin until 2021 at the earliest.

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