Welding Milestone Completed At Russian Research Reactor

The welding for the basket and high pressure chamber for the sodium-cooled fast neutron reactor under construction at the Research Institute of Atomic Reactors in Russia has been completed, according to a late August announcement from Russia's nuclear power engineering and component developer AEM-Technology.

AEM-Tech welding AEM-Technology, a division of Atomenergomash, owned by state-controlled nuclear giant Rosatom, said the basket and high-pressure chamber had been joined. The seam connecting the two is longer than 6 meters in length, joining together a wall that is 22 millimeters thick, according to Nuclear Engineering International.

The research reactor, which is in Dmitrovgrad in the Ulyanovsk region  is designed to utilize mixed uranium and plutonium oxide (MOX) fuel and operate for a lifespan of 50 years.

Construction is expected to be completed in 2020. When completed, it will replace the BOR -60 fast neutron reactor that has been in operation for 49 years as of 2018.

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