Novovoronezh II, Unit 2, Begins Hot Testing

Testing at the Novovoronezh II NPP's Unit 2 has moved from cold testing to hot tests, state-controled Rosatom announced.

RosatomCold tests for the new unit started was announced on August 1. The reactor was expected to go through 35 days of cold testing, which tests the basic integrity of the reactors infrastructure, which largely involves a test for possible leaks. The entire cold and hot testing was expected to run for 100 days, according to the original schedule.

The hot testing is expected to take 50 days, said Vladimir Kazansky, the project's deputy chief engineer, as reported by the World Nuclear Association. There are 144 tests scheduled at this phase of plant trials. Among the tests are a rehearsal of the major circulation pumps run at a temperature of 280 degrees Celsius under a pressure load of 16.0 MPa, the WNA said.

Novovoronezh II, Unit 2, is the seventh reactor to be completed at the facility. It is a VVER 1200 pressurized water reactor that boasts a net capacity of 1114 MWe.

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