IAEA Completes Phase I Infrastructure Review Of Sudan

The International Atomic Energy Agency said it had complete a infrastructure review for the Republic of Sudan, a nation of 40 million persons that is interested in a domestic nuclear power program for civil purposes.

IAEAThe agency's Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review was concluded on Sept. 3. Meanwhile, the IAEA note that the northeastern African nation that borders the Red Sea, “has projected that demand for electricity will more than double to around 8500 MWe by 2031.”

The INIR team reviewed infrastructure development under what is termed the Phase 1 criteria of the agency's “Milestones Approach.” This measures progress reflecting stages of development: consider, prepare, construct. The agency also marks the milestones according to readiness to invest in nuclear power. “The end of Phase 1 market the readiness of a country to make a knowledgeable commitment to a nuclear power program,” the IAEA noted.

IAEA review team leader Anthony Stott said it was “evident that there is a strong commitment from the government … to developing the infrastructure for a safe, secure and peaceful nuclear power program.”

Countries that request IAEA reviews are not mandated to following through on the team's recommendations. That said, the inspection team recommended Sudan “strengthen plans to join international legal instruments and assessing and developing the country's legal and regulatory framework.” It was also recommended that Sudan do more to educate the public about nuclear power and go further with their analysis of the electric grid with regards to its preparedness for the country to take on a nuclear power plant. Further work could also be done on plans for funding, financing and radioactive waste management, the IAEA said.

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