Nuvia Awarded Dungeness Waste Transfer Facility Contract

Nuclear engineering and project management concern Nuvia, based in Britain, said it had been awarded a contract to design, supply, integrate and commission plant and equipment for the Dungeness Waste Transfer Area Facility (WTA).

NuviaThe WTA is associated with the Dungeness A decommissioning project. The power plant operated from 1965 to 2006 with defueling completed in 2012. Since then, the plant has been in the decommissioning phase of its lifecycle.

The WTA is designed to retrieve, process and package intermediate level waste from buffer storage packages, which will be prepared for final transport and disposal. The WTA manages multiple waste streams, “so flexibility of plant and equipment is required,” Nuvia said in a statement.

All the equipment will be configured within the confines of an existing structure, the company said. 

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