Wyoming Takes Over Regulating Radioactive Materials

The state of Wyoming in a signing ceremony this month in Cheyenne became the 38th state to be authorized to take over regulatory jurisprudence over certain radioactive materials, in this case oversight of licensing, rulemaking, inspection and enforcement regarding source material involved in uranium or thorium milling and management.

WyomingThe state takes over its regulatory responsibilities today.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Chairman Kristine Svinincki and Wyoming Governor Matthew Mead were present to sign documents allowing for the regulatory transfer. Wyoming, the NRC noted, has impressed the federal regulator with its preparations for taking over oversight of the health and security of the materials, allowing for the agency to proceed with the transfer.

The state, the largest uranium producer among the 50 U.S. states, has been preparing to take over regulatory responsibilities for the past three years.

Wyoming has no nuclear power plants. If it did, however, the NRC would continue to regulate the generation of electricity in Wyoming from nuclear power, the NRC said.

The federal agency has 14 active licensees for uranium production in Wyoming, oversight of which will transfer to the Wyoming’s Department of Environmental Quality.  The signing ceremony for the transfer took place on September 25.

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