Operational Staff On Board For Ostravets NPP Unit 1

The head of training at the nearly complete Belarus Nuclear Power Plant in Ostravets said nearly all of the jobs involved in operating Unit 1, scheduled to be operational in the middle of next year, had been filled.

Ostravets NPPThe head of training, Alexander Erin, also said that half the positions for staffing Unit 2 had also been filled. That reactor, the second of two Russian VVER-1200 units under construction, is set to be operational in mid-2020 and is expected to enter into commercial operation status in late 2020.

The plant currently has a workforce of 900 operational personnel, Nuclear Engineering International reported.

The work on the two power plants is also on schedule, according to Sergei Olontsev, senior vice president for construction.

Russia’s nuclear power export contractor Atomstroyexport is managing the construction project under a contract signed in 2012, while Russia is supplying $10 billion of the financing for the power plant that is due to be paid over a 25 year term. Perhaps ironically, one of the primary motivations for constructing the plant was for Belarus to move away from its dependence on Russia for its energy supply. Currently, Belarus’ electricity generation is almost totally generated through natural gas-fired power plants. As of 2015, Belarus produced 33 TWh of the 34 TWh of electricity it produces through natural gas-fired plants.

In total for the year, consumption reached approximately 29 TWh, according to the World Nuclear Association.

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